Golden Wreath

The Golden Wreath is one of the most significant poetry awards in the world. It was initially allocated for the best poem read at the Festival, chosen by an international jury, and since 1971 it has been allocated for the overall poetry opus of one eminent world poet.

The design of the Goldern Wreath was prepared by Dimche Protugjer, a Macedonian painter and graphic artist, who was a member of the Council of SPE, and one of the founders of the Macedonian painting after the Liberation.

The international recognition, the award Golden Wreath is allocated at the international poetry meeting Bridges at the outflow of the Crn Drim River in front of an audience of several thousands of people. Struga Poetry Evenings each year publish representational book of poetry by the winner of the award Golden Wreath in the original language and translated in Macedonian.

Excerpts from the book „Poetry Capital of the World“ by Goce Ristovski

28.-TEd-Huges The allocation of the Golden Wreath Award and the invitaion to participate at Struga Poetry Evenings 1994 are a great honour to me and I accept them wholeheartedly. I am utterly aware that the great attractiveness of this Festival of world renown lies in its role as a symbolic event. Essential is the intention of poetry to overcome the differences and misunderstandings in language, to reach a mutual feeling and mutual understanding placed deep inside us... That is why I again express my gratitude for the honour you paid me with the invitation to take part in it.

Ted Hughes

29.-Yehuda-Amichai Struga Poetry Festival is one of the places where cultures and languages meet. It is also a bridge over the abyss of the human suffering. Struga Festival is one of the engines giving energy to the human cultures and values.

That is why I thank you with all my heart for the great honour you paid to me with the allocating the Golden Wreath Awards.

Yehuda Amichai

47.Nancy-Morejon The Golden Wreath Award is one of the most significant poetry awards in Europe and the world. When they informed me that I am to be awarded, I took it as great and important news. It is a huge honour to have that award.

Nancy Morejon

13.13.Rafael-Alberti I, Rafael Alberti, a poet from Spain, a poet from the sea of Gaditana Andalusia, greet you, crowning my own heart with this Golden Wreath, a symbol of peace and fee poem of all the nations in this world.

Rafael Alberti

Poets laureates